Ake Cronander, is licensed as FCI group judge. First licensed as a judge for Dalmatian, Whippet and some other sighthoundbreeds in 1995, and since that more breeds, and groups. Today group judge in group 1, 2, 4, 5*, 6*, 9 and 10 and breeds in group 3, 8. (*program done)

He has judged in Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Spain & Sweden.

Best in Show breedersgroup (35) at Ulla Segerströms and Bertil Sted-Greens memorial show, Stockholms Kennel Club 2005.


Norrkoping 2010
Best In Show in Östergötlands Kennelklubb Show in Norrköping, 2010
Photo: Lillemor Böös