Pugpuppies born February 25th!
3 males and 3 girls, all black.
They are out off Strandsmedjans Dennis - Tooticki´s Black Rosie

Whippetpuppies born February 9!

3 boys and 1 girl

Albicans Rudolf  (Ch Albicans Lexus - Alicans Pesche Ripiene) x
Albicans Quick Sighted (CIB Multi Ch Airscot Waistcoat - CIB S DK FIN Ch
Albicans Mamma Mia)

We hope that it will be strong whippettype with this hard line-breeding on CIB
Multi Ch Airescot Waistcoat.

In the end of february we hope for black pug puppies out of Strandsmedjans Dennis and Tooticki's Black Rosie. Thank you to Annagreta Folke for this chance!
Albicans at the FCI Eurosighthound Show 2014
The siblings C.I.B. NordUCh DKKV-08 SV-09 KBHV-09 NordV-11 Donaueschingen Winner-13 DK VW-13 Albicans Music Man and CIB SUCh DkUCh FIUCh KBHV-2011 Albicans Mamma Mia were BOB/BOS veteran at the FCI Eurosighthound Show 2014 from a total entry of 15 Whippet veterans, under Susanne Oschinski (males) and Molly McConkey (females and BOB)! Musse also won BIS veteran under Benjamin Sanchez Garcia, Spain!!!
Pug puppies

Puppies born March 20th 1+3

C.I.B Kisci Rock´N Roll - Strandsmedjans Xena out of our C.I.B Beamztar Amanti d´Estate (Tango).

More pictures of the pug puppies is found here.




Whippet pictures

October 2013
Albicans Online

July 4, 2013

Albicans Ronja, owner Lydia Gadolin

Albicans Quick Sighted, owner Petronella Thunblom

Albicans Quick Sighted, owner Petronella Thunblom

Albicans Robin, owner Yuka Isaka, Japan

Puppy pictures again

November 9, 2012

Today Ann Lönn took some lovely pictures of our R-litter. They are all published on puppy page - all six puppies front and stacked pictures. Thank you so much!

Albicans Rakel

More puppy pictures

November 6 , 2012

Today a lot of new pictures added to the website: taken at 5 weeks and at 6 weeks.
Please visit puppy page to see them all!

All together at 5 weeks
Photo: Sture Engström

Puppies 4 weeks old

October 25 , 2012

Our whippet puppies (Ch Albicans Lexus and Albicans Pesche Ripiene) was born on September 23. October 21 we took some new pictures, playful ones can be seen here and individual pictures can be seen on puppy page.

A. Robin and A. Ronja

A. Rakel and A. Ronja

A. Rasmus and A. Robin

A. Rakel and A. Ronja

Ville BOB at Köping international show

August 29 , 2012

French bulldogg Tangetoppens Too Hot To Handle "Ville" was BOB at Köping International Show recently. Ville is co-owned with Patrik Cederlöf.

A fantastic result and some puppy news

December 12 , 2011

So proud of owner Lydia Gadolin for this great result; CIB Nord Ch SV-09 KBHV-09 NordV-2011 Albicans Music Man "Musse" did his absolute best and was BOB for the second consecutive year in Stockholm, from an even larger entry of 127 Whippets!

Thank you breed specialist Joan Goldstein, USA, for thinking so highly of him. And thank you group judge Knut Blütecher, Norway for giving him a very honorable third place in the sighthound group.

Photo: Johan Frick-Meijer

I am also glad to tell you that yesterday we had a succesful insemination, maybee my last litter in whippets.

CIB NORD AU PT FIUCH EUW-94 SV-91 SV-92 Airescot Waistcoat (CH So Proudly We Hail Du Sac A Malices - Ch Bohem Callas Of Whippoorwill) my old star used at his grandgrandgrand daugheter Albicans Pesche Ripiene (CH Rivarco Aragorn - CH Albicans Mamma Mia)

Really hope for a good results!

SE Ch DK Ch NordJW-09, JWW-10 Beamztar Amanti d'Estate

November 7th , 2011

"Tango" BOB and group-2 at Växjö International Show this weekend.

Tango & Åke

Tangetoppens Too Hot Too Handle

November 7th , 2011

New pictures of "Ville" 6 months old. Co-owner Patrik Cederlöf.


Photo Lillemor Böös

Waistcoat look-alike puppies

February 21st , 2011

On January 1st, 2011 theese eagerly awaited puppies arrived; one boy and one girl out of
SE Ch Albicans Mamma Mia "Kola" and her grandgrandmothers father CIB NORD AU PT FIUCH EUW-94 SV-91 SV-92 Airescot Waistcoat "Petter".
They are now 7 weeks old.

Picture Marie Gadolin

Hundmässan 2010 in Älvsjö, Stockholm

December 21 , 2010

BOB at the Swedish Kennelklubb show HundMässan 2010 in Älvsjö, stockholm, was
C.I.B NORD SE UCH V-09 KBH V-09 Albicans Music Man. 

Congratulations owner Lydia Gadolin!

Photo Per Undén.


JUNIOR CH WW-10 Albicans Online

September 22 , 2010

We recieved some lovely pictures of JUNIOR CH WW-2010 Albicans Online (C.I.B. It S Fi Ch EUW-06 Rivarco Aragorn - Albicans Lotus). You can see them all at news page.
Thank you photographer Morgan Slätt for sending them!






World dog show

June 27 , 2010

JUNIOR CH Albicans Online
World winner, Best of breed and Group-2

WDS Online
BOS Sobers Ingrid and BOB Albicans Online at World Dog Show in Denmark

Albicans Online
JUNCH Albicans Online

C.I.B NORD UCH SE V-09 KBH V-09 Albicans Music Man 
Winner of the champion class and only beaten by A. Online

"Musse" was also BOB and BIS-3 at Danish Sighthound Speciality Show just a few days before WDS!

NORD JW-09 Beamztar Amanti d'Estate
Junior World Winner out of about 30 juniors and CAC

WDS Tango
Beamztar Amanti d'Estate, pictured with co-owner Patrik Cederlöf

SE UCH Zican's Il Conte
2:nd with excellent out of about 40 dogs in open class

Enzo puppies

May 31, 2010

A cuple of sweet puppies sired Zican's Il Conte "Enzo".





April 17, 2010

Zican's Il Conte "Enzo" BOB with CC and BIS-3 at SDHK Show in Forshaga.
At two years of age he is now SE UCH.

SE UCH Zican's Il Conte

Puppy pictures

February 7, 2010

The puppies are now almost 8 weeks old soon ready to move to their new homes.
Individual pictures can be seen at puppy page!

Albicans Pescatore

Puppy pictures

January 23, 2010

The puppies are now 5½ weeks old and new pictures can be seen at puppy page!

New pictures at puppy page

January 5, 2010

The puppies (C.I.B. IT SE FIN CH EUW-06 Rivarco Aragorn - SUCH Albicans Mamma Mia) are now 3 weeks old and new individual photos can be seen at puppy page.

Albicans Pannacotta - one of four bitches in the litter


December 29, 2009

The puppies (C.I.B. IT SE FIN CH EUW-06 Rivarco Aragorn - SUCH Albicans Mamma Mia) are now 2 weeks old and we've taken som pictures. Please visit puppy page!

Playing in the snow

December 22, 2009

Stockholm, Sweden, is now covered in a thick layer of white snow just in time for christmas!
Our pug boys Enzo (Zican's Il Conte) and Tango (Beamztar Amanti d'Estate) went out for some play with friens Molly (Ch Beamztar Scilla Siberica).


Molly, Enzo, Tango
Enzo in the middle

Molly, Enzo, Tango
From left to right: Molly, Enzo and Tango

Molly, Enzo, Tango
From left to right: Molly, Tango, Enzo

A picture

December 9, 2009

A wonderful picture of JUNCH Albicans Online "Max". Owner Roberto Posa.

Max is Junior BIS winner, Junior Swiss champion, Junior Lux champion, BIS-winner and Swiss sighthound winner 2009,top winning Junior whippet in Switzerland for 2009 with 7 Jun CAC, 2 CAC, 2 cacib-reserve and winning his class every time shown.

JUNCH Albicans Online "Max"


October 18, 2009

Albicans Lamborghini  BOB and BIS-4 at SvVK Show in Boden. Congratulations!

Albicans Lamborghini

New pictures

September 18, 2009

Some new pictures. They are all taken by Marie Gadolin; the owner of Laerke, Rosey and Musse and who is looking after our Kola.

Ch Albicans Mamma Mia "Kola"

NORD UCH SE V-09 KBH V-09 Albicans Music Man "Musse"

Hounds Music Matters "Laerke"
(Albicans Fiddlestick - Albicans Mamma Mia)


"Tango" BIS-2 in Högbo Bruk

September 6, 2009

Beamztar Amanti d'Estate BIS-2 puppy at SDHK Speciality Show in Högbo Bruk.

Photo: Jenny Lundin


Albicans Online BIS in Schweiz

September 6, 2009

Albicans Online "Max" was BIS at Sighthound Speciality show in Switzerland.
Concratulations to owner Roberto Posa!



Tango has done his debut

September, 2009

Beamztar Amanti d'Estate "Tango" has done his debut in the showring and we are so proud:

  • BIS-puppy at SKK National show in Nyköping on August 15
  • BIS-4 puppy at SKK National show in Vallentuna on August 23
  • BIS-2 puppy at SDHK Show in Högbo Bruk on September 6

    Albicans Music Man

    May 15 , 2009

    Ch Albicans Music Man has done really well at the shows so far this year!
    He began the year by winning the Swedish Winner title at the International all breed championship show in Malmö, finalling going BOS. Last weekend at the International show in Kristiansand, Norway, he won the CAC and the Norwegian Champion title. He also got the R-CACIB which will be transformed to CACIB and then Musse’s titles will be C.I.B!
    Ttop winning whippet in Denmark 2008!

    Proud owners are Lydia and Marie Gadolin at HOUNDS KENNEL


    Puppy Enzo


    Found a picture of avery ypung Zican's Il Conte "Enzo", taken in May 2008.

    Photo: Jenny Lundin